​​Turkey & Cappadocia Travel Plan

Turkey 10 Days

Tailor-made Turkey 10 Days

Model Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival to Istanbul

Upon your arrival to Istanbul, you will meet with our representative at the Ataturk Airport or Sabiha Gokcen Airport. You will be transferred to your hotel.​ Overnight in Istanbul.

Day 2: Istanbul Old City Tour

After breakfast, you will be picked up from your hotel and start a full day of sightseeing the old city of Istanbul, discover the Byzantine and Ottoman Relics, visit Saint Sophia Museum, built by Constantine the Great in the 4th century and reconstructed by Justinian in the 6th century. It is one of the architectural marvels of all time. Next visit the Sultanahmet Cami (Blue Mosque), built in the 16th century, unique with 6 minarets and its magnificent interior decoration of the blue Iznik tiles. The Ancient Hippodrome, was the scene of chariot races and contains three monuments: Obelisk of Theodosius, bronze serpentine column and German Fountain of Wilhelm II. Before lunch you will visit the Grand Covered Bazaar (Kapalicarsi) one of the oldest and biggest Bazaars in the world with more than 4,000 shops selling souvenirs, rugs and kilims, jewelry, pottery, leather and almost everything. Visit Royal Topkapi Palace, the great palace of the Ottoman Sultans from the 15th to the 19th centuries. As a last stop, you will visit Suleiman Mosque. Little Hagia Sophia Mosque is known as one of the oldest standing churches in Istanbul dating back to 6th century. It is early domed – basilica architectural plan of famous Hagia Sophia which was applied here first time in the history. The temple was founded by the powerful emperor, Justinian, who reigned in the Golden Age of the Roman Empire.  It has been used as a mosque since 1497. At the end of the tour, you will be drooped off your hotel. Overnight in Istanbul.

Day 3: Istanbul Bosphorus Cruises & Two Continents Tour

After breakfast, you will be picked up from your hotel and taken to a meeting point. Firstly we will drive along the Byzantine City Walls that surround the Old City. Then we will reach Golden Horn, the river that separates European side into two parts. There we will stop at the Spice Bazaar, a small version of Grand Bazaar, where you can buy Turkish delight, apple tea, Turkish tea etc. After this stop, we will get on the boat and start the Bosphorus Cruise.  While we are cruising you will see Rumeli Fortress, Dolmabahçe Palace and many other houses and palaces on both the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.  When we return to port, we will go to a restaurant for lunch. Afterwards, we will cross the Bosphorus Bridge by van to get to the Asian Side. We will visit Beylerbeyi Palace, the summer house of Ottoman Sultans. Then we will drive to Camlica Hill, which is the highest point in Istanbul. You will have the best view of the city on that hill. At the end of the day, you will be dropped off at your hotel. Overnight in Istanbul.

Day 4: Flight to Cappadocia /Cappadocia Tour

We will pick you up and transfer you to Istanbul Airport for the domestic flight to Kayseri (Cappadocia). On your arrival at Kayseri Airport, your journey will first take you to the Devrent Valley, which is perfect for exploring rock formations of the famous fairy chimneys and then off to Pasabaglari Valley, formerly known as the "Monks' Valley". Next you will visit the Goreme Open Air Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can view the ancient rock-hewn churches sculpted in the hillsides almost a thousand years ago. We will stop at a local restaurant for lunch in Avanos and then join the Discovery Series “Art of Pottery in Asia Minor” event for the afternoon, offering you the opportunity to visit a cave pottery atelier. You will continue with a visit to Uchisar Castle, situated at the highest point in the region. Your day will conclude with a visit to Pigeon Valley, the famous grounds where pigeons were trained to deliver messages throughout Central Cappadocia, essential for communication. Overnight in Cappadocia.

Day 5: Cappadocia Tour

Our first stop will be the 3 Beauties of Cappadocia where we will learn about how nature has created Cappadocia. Then we will drive to the oldest and most well preserved underground city of Cappadocia. This is the only underground city from the Neolithic Age ruins (6000 BC) inside. You will see Hittite designs on the walls of this underground city, which has 7 levels. After the visit of the underground city we will have chance to see local Cappadocians living in side caves and farming in the heart of Anatolia, Then we will drive to Soganli Valley (old name sogandos) where we will drive on the Silk Road. Then we will visit Tokalı Church, which has well-preserved wall frescos from the 5th century. We will have lunch at the village. Afterwards we will drive to the Sebasos Roman Settlements. Sebasos has one of the most well-preserved mosaic floors of Turkey. Then we will drive to Mustafa Pasa, which is a Greek village.  We will have a brief stop at Ortahisar casstle and Rose valley for the most spectacular views of the Cappadocia region. Overnight in Cappadocia.

Day 6: Cappadocia -  Konya - Antalya

After the breakfast, we drive to Antalya via Konya.  On the way to Antalya, we visit the Mevlane Museum in Konya. In Antalya, we visit the Perge ancient city and transfer to the hotel. Overnight in Antalya.

Day 7: Antalya - Pamukkale 


Teimiussa lies directly east of today's village of Üçagiz, you can visit some of the ruins at the eastern end of Üçagiz's harbour.
Myra is an ancient town in Lycia, where the small town of Kale (Demre) is situated today in present day Antalya Province of Turkey. Myra was a leading city of the Lycian Union and surpassed Xanthos in early Byzantine times to become the capital city of Lycia. 

After lunch we go to Üçağız village for the boat tour to Kekova - Simena.
Kekova is the name of a region of fascinating islands, bays and ancient cities. Kekova has a sorely seen attraction a long the shore of the Island a sunken city is observed. 
From inscriptions that have been found, we know that the history of the ancient city of Simena goes back to the 4th century B.C. If we go ashore via the jetty next to the sarcophagus on the seashore and climb the hill behind the houses, we reach the castle of Simena. Overnight in Antalya.

Day 8: Pamukkale - Hierapolis - Laodicea 

After Breakfast, drive to Pamukkale, on the way, visit to Laodicea (present name Denizli) yet one of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor. Excavations still going on and an ancient city as beautiful as Ephesus will be uncovered soon.  We see the ancient theatres, the remains of basilica which was recently uncovered, ancient stone water pipes, Temple A, agora, monumental fountain.  After Laodicea, Discovery of Travertine terraces and Hierapolis. The travertine terraces at Pamukkale are one of the most spectacular natural wonders that you can see from various mineral springs in a vast white cliff side. About 200 m overlooking the plain, calcite-laden waters have dripped down over a series of terraced levels and created a fairyland of bizarre solidified cascades and shell-shaped basins. It looks like creations from snow or like balls from cotton, which gave the scenery the Turkish name Pamukkale (cotton castle): “pamuk” for cotton and “kale” for castle. Moreover the water in the basins is changing its color according to how the light enters. Overnight in Pamukkale.

Day 9: Pamukkale - Ephesus

After Breakfast, drive to Ephesus. Visit to the ancient city of Ephesus. We will spend several hours walking in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, Caesar, Cicero, Apostles Paul and John and many other familiar historical names. The recently opened Terrace Houses (entry included) where the wealthiest Romans lived are an excellent example of sensitive excavation and presentation. The mosaics and frescos are spectacular. Tradition has it that Virgin Mary was brought here by St John after the Crucifixion and lived her final years near the city of Ephesus on an isolated mountaintop. A lovely chapel is constructed on the site tended by Franciscans and open to visitors. It has been designated a pilgrimage site by the Pope. We will continue with Saint John Church where Apostle John spent his final years and he was buried. Visit to temple of Artemis to see the remains of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. In the evening, transfer to Denizli airport and take the Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul Ataturk airport. Arrival and transfer to Hotel. Overnight Istanbul.

Day 10: Istanbul / Departure

After Breakfast, check-out & transfer to Istanbul International Airport as per your onward flight schedule.

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