​​Turkey & Cappadocia Travel Plan

Cappadocia 3 Days Tour

Cappadocia 3 days tour

Please see below for our model itinerary for 3 days tour.

Day 1: Cappadocia East Tour (Special Tour)

Our first stop will be the 3 beauties of Cappadocia where we will learn about how nature has created Cappadocia. Then we will drive to underground city of Mazi. This underground city is the oldest of Cappadocia 8000 BC and the most well preserved. This is the only underground city that has Neolithic age ruins inside and Hittite designs on the walls. This underground city is 7 level. After the visit of the underground city we will have chance to see local Cappadocians living inside caves and farming in the heart of Anatolia. Then we will drive to Soganli valley (The old name is sogandos) on silk road and visit Tokalı church and Tahtalı church which has well preserved wall fresco from 5th century. We will have lunch at the village. After lunch we will drive to Sebasos Roman settlements. Sebasos has one of the most well preservedmosaic floors of Turkey. We will drive to Mustafa Pasa which is a Greek village. After the Greek village we will have a brief stop at Ortahisar castle and Rose valley, the most spectacular view of Cappadocia region.​

Day 2: Cappadocia Green Tour

IHLARA CANYON HIKING: Drive to Ihlara, walking in Ihlara Canyon, a “mirage” in the steps of Anatolia up to Belisirmavillage the ancient Peristrema: “Valley of the Sky” along the Melendiz River. Rock cut churches spread across a wild plantation, surprise you with their successfully painted representations from the Bible. Lunch in Belisirma, a local restaurant by the river. Stop by Selime, a village with cave houses at the end of the canyon and a Star wars view.

Day 3: Cappadocia Red Tour


Our firs stop will be Uchisar Castle: the highest point of Cappadocia. Watch all single part of the area from 400 meters high. Pigeon's Valleys: We will discover the pigeon houses and your guide will inform you why the pigeons take a great role for inhabitants of Cappadocia. Esentepe: is candidate as the best area to watch beautiful Cappadocia from Goreme Village. Goreme Open Air Museum: Here you go, one of the most significant leg of our trip. We will see a lot of painted churches with beautiful frescoes and learn how the saints , monks and nuns made their life style in such as magical & labyrinth passageways. Lunch: totally depends on your taste or selection. There are a lot of restaurants in Cappadocia that we will try to taste you our local Cappadocian foods such as pottery kebab, ravioli, stuffed vine leaves etc. Dervent Valley: is one of the most interesting shapes for cave dwellings, you will be able to see camel,sea dogs,turtle and some other animals which is totally naturally rock formation. Pasabag: also known as monks' valley where you will watch the most beautiful chimneys from hill and enjoy to get many pictures. Visit St. Simon chapel ,thousands year old kitchen , stable and winery. Avanos: the oldest name is Vanessa known as the place Hititian pottery work shop. See the longest river of Turkey which we call as Red river and get some useful information from family ran pottery artists. If you want to try to make your own pottery.

Price: 180 EUR per person

This price includes:

  • Professional English speaking guide in the whole tour (for 3 days)
  • Museum fees
  • Lunch (a la carte)
  • Fully air-conditioned, non-smoking coaches with professional driver

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